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Design your website with the SiteMentrix CMS website generator. By using SiteMentrix you will be able to build your own website in just 4 easy steps. You will be able to make changes to your website at a later stage with your browser. It's an easy way to keep your website up-to-date! You can try it for free with our Light version, you can upgrade to the Pro version at a later stage if you wish. Read more below, or get started with your own free trial now!

1. Design your website 2. Choose your website name 3. Contact information 4. Payment (if necessary)
sitementrix step design website SiteMentrix Builder Step two - choose the website name SiteMentrix Builder Step 3 - Contact details SiteMentrix Builder Step 4 - Pay (if necessary)

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Do you have no experience with building websites? The SiteMentrix CMS Website Builder will help you create your own professional website step-by-step. You can choose from over 100,000 design combinations. Your new website can be online in only 15 minutes by following our 4 easy steps.


Easy to adjust

Once you have made your website, you will be able to enter text or images with SiteMentrix from your browser. SiteMentrix is currently being used by both business professionals and also for personal use. Keeping your website up-to-date has never been easier with our user friendly Content Management System.



Light: 1 month free trial, then € 0.50 per month. Your website will get a SiteMentrix subdomain address, for example "". All features are available. 2MB storage. No e-mail services. E-mail support. Telephone Support (*).

Pro: € 2.00 per month. Link as many domain names to your website as you want, such as "". All current features are available. 100MB storage. E-mail services for just € 1.00 per month. E-mail support. Telephone Support (*). Free voucher for 3 months of 12Rank SEO optimization.

Custom: Same features as our Pro package. However it also includes a custom designed website, with 250MB storage for just € 39.95 per month. Free voucher for 1 years 12Rank SEO optimization.


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